At IT Custom Solutions, we don’t just install hardware, remove viruses and assist our customers with data recovery and backup. We’re also passionate about creating custom-built computers that are specifically designed to suit each of our clients’ individual needs. With more than 15 years of experience in the IT Industry, we understand the importance of a computer that works perfectly for you. Most people however, don’t even consider creating a computer as an option and see buying a computer out of the box as a cheaper, more convenient choice. That’s why we’ve put together some insightful reasons explaining how you could benefit enormously from purchasing a custom-designed computer. It Saves you Money When hearing the words “custom-designed computer”, many people immediately assume there will be a hefty price tag attached. Interestingly, getting a custom-built computer is often cheaper than buying a ready-made one, as you can focus on the features you need and exclude those you don’t. This also means you won’t be paying for new software and regular updates, as you will already have what you need built into your computer. When people generally shop around for a computer, they go for the cheapest option they can get away with. While this might seem like a good idea at the time, the cheap components, which lack quality, are like to need replacing later on. So, while you might be spending less initially, you could be paying for it later in computer repairs, replacing parts and IT assistance. At IT Custom Solutions, we are so sure of the quality of our work, we offer a three-year warranty on all our custom-built computers, while larger computer brands only offer one year.A custom computer can save you money in the long-run You Get Exactly What You Need Most stock-standard computer systems come pre-built with the specifications and components already selected for you, often meaning you have to make compromises on features, or else deal with components that might be low-quality. Alternatively, opting for a custom-built computer gives you the benefit of tailor-making the computer to your exact requirements, rather than relying on the choices of tech companies, such as Apple, Dell and HP. If you’re a gamer who values add-ons, or if you’re running a small business from home and require a certain system, this can be extremely beneficial and save you time and energy in the future. Whatever it is you need, deciding to have a custom-designed computer gives you the freedom to pick and choose the exact components you Get exactly what you need with a custom-built computer Upgrade Potential Another advantage of building your own computer is that you can leave room for future upgrades. This can be hugely beneficial for a growing business, as you can plan ahead and buy a motherboard capable of expansion and be more clued-in about buying better and more powerful components when the time comes.     While buying a ready-made computer might seem like a easier and more affordable option, a custom-designed computer could actually save you time, money and effort in the future. To speak to an IT professional about purchasing a custom-built computer, call IT Custom Solutions today!