When it comes to backing up your computer, we all have the best intentions. The first few months are a breeze and you perform back-ups with regular enthusiasm, but before you know it, things get on top of you and dealing with the inner workings of your computer is the last thing on your mind.   Unfortunately, this is when disaster almost always seems to strike.   Data loss can happen in many ways, the most common of which include physical failure of your PC, accidental error, theft and disasters like water logging or spilt coffee mugs! It’s also common for data to be saved to just one place, like ‘My Documents’ on your PC’s hard drive, so if it’s accidentally deleted, it could be gone for good.   More than just losing some happy holiday snaps and email contact information, losing data can be hugely distressing for any business owner, whether that be for a larger company or the busy small business owner working from home.   At IT Custom Solutions we provide a full computer back-up and data recovery service, so we’ve put together a list of 4 reasons how professionally backing up your computer could hugely benefit your business.

  • But Before We Begin…

Before we dive into to nitty gritties, let’s take a look at what data back-up actually means. As one of the most important areas of IT solutions, data back-up is also one of the most ignored. Data itself is the essential start to any business continuity plan and ensures the smooth running of every business.   The term ‘backing up’ refers to making a copy of your most important files, which can be drawn on if the original is lost. Data back-up usually ensures the copy is secured at a different location to the original, to guarantee its security.  

  • Audits, Taxes and Archives 

Almost all businesses are required to keep business records for an extended period of time. These can include anything from taxes, revenue records, important client information and employee payrolls, which could be called upon for tax purposes or for various other regulations.   While it’s all too easy to assume saving one copy of these documents on your computer will be enough, it’s generally a big mistake to rely on just the one location as being secure.   Having all your important documents saved to at least two locations means you can call on your copies if disaster strikes at the original location. Losing important financial documents can result in hefty fines and misplacing crucial client information or reports risks your business looking unprofessional .

  • Can Give you a Competitive Edge  

It might seem dramatic, but in the event of a disaster, the first businesses to get back up and running will have a competitive edge over those still scuffling to get their documents recovered. In Australia, natural disasters, such as bush fires and flooding, are not uncommon, so having the ability to draw on important documents at a second secure location can be hugely beneficial for businesses.   Anyone who is able to provide services quickly following such disasters will likely flourish, especially if you’re in the medical or home and car repair industry. Having backed-up files means you can quickly get back on your feet before your competitors and start providing your services to those in need.   

  • Saves you Time and Stress  

If you don’t have back-ups and experience something such as the physical failure of your PC, a virus or accidental error, chances are you’ll have a boat-load of work to redo, in order to make up for all that was lost. For any business owner, spare time is something that’s not easy to come by, so spending extra hours re-drafting complex spreadsheets or setting up established systems all over again can be the stuff of nightmares.       

  • Could Save you from Going Under  

A study undertaken by the University of Texas revealed that 43% of businesses that suffered from a major data loss never reopened. That’s a pretty scary statistic, given we often never know when computer failure will occur. If you think about the copious amounts of important archives and pivotal documentation that underpins a business and its functions, it’s really no wonder such a huge number of businesses are closed down for good in this way.   So, before you completely wave off backing-up your computer or letting it fall by the wayside, save yourself the headache and have your documents professionally secured in multiple locations by a professional.

Don’t risk it – back it up and save yourself the headache At IT Custom Solutions we provide an affordable, comprehensive range of IT Services, including data back-up and recovery. Our team of specially trained professionals can take care of all your IT needs, which could save every business owner the time and stress of losing precious data. Don’t risk it – back it up!   For more information or to talk to one of our trained experts, call us on 04042 93251 or visit our website www.itcustomsolutions.com.au