One of the unfortunate realities of being a computer user is that your tech is likely, at some stage, to contract a virus. While this is a normal occurrence, viruses can vary in their strength and intent, meaning you never know how severe the damage could be.   Some viruses may be latent, so you’re completely unaware of their existence, but others can damage a whole system beyond repair if left unchecked. That’s why it’s crucial to get your computer professionally looked at if you think it’s fallen victim to a possibly malicious virus.   While we’re all aware of how humans contract viruses, many of our clients at IT Custom Solutions are confused about what it actually means when their computer is under attack.   Today, we’ll be looking at the ins and out of computer viruses, the damage they can do, and how you can best protect against them.  

  •  So, Just What is a Computer Virus?  

Essentially, a computer virus is a program that spreads malicious code by copying itself and infecting host computers. Viruses are typically distributed through downloads, email attachments, or removable media, such as USB drives or DVDs. Unfortunately for us, these are things we use, open and encounter almost every single day when it comes to computer usage, making everyone susceptible to these nasty little infections.   A virus will generally be activated when it’s loaded into a computer’s memory, and likely continue to spread its viral code into a number of other programs and files stored on the host computer. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the virus may not just be contained to that one computer, but can continue to spread its viral code to other machines on the same network, or machines that use the same storage devices.  

  • How Do I Know If My Computer Has a Virus?  

Sometimes it’s easy to detect a virus: you may be receiving countless pop-up ads, you could be sent copious amounts of spam to your inbox, you get locked out of your computer or maybe your programs and software keep crashing.   Sometimes however, viruses can be more insidious, so you may not even be aware that they’re slowly infecting your computer. Your computer’s programs may still continue to work normally, as the virus uses a polymorphic code to avoid detection, modifying their decryption modules so that the virus changes each time it infects a new host. That’s why it pays to enlist the assistance of a professional if you feel as though your computer might be suffering from a virus. The longer you leave it alone, the greater the damage that can be done to your files and software.

  • What Can a Virus Do to My Computer?  

The short answer to this question is that it will depend entirely on the kind of virus your computer has contracted. Some viruses may simply leave you with an annoying pop-up situation every time you search the web, however the consequences can be much more severe.   In serious cases, a virus can result in the loss of every document on your hard drive, seeing countless hours of work, sentimental family photographs and important business files completely disappear.   As well as this, a virus might block any number of your computer’s utilities to try protect itself, meaning you’re unable to use certain programs when you need to.

  • What to Do If Your Computer Has a Virus?

If you believe your computer may have contracted a virus, then it’s important to enlist the assistance of a professional to help rectify the problem. If left unchecked, a virus can wreak havoc on your entire computer system, and can even infect others within the same network, leading to mayhem in the workplace.

At IT Custom Solutionswe not only rid computers of all types of viruses, but also install important anti-virus software to your computer, so you can avoid being infected with a virus altogether. Whether you’re using a home computer or business machine, it’s crucial to install anti-virus software to avoid any future disasters.   If you’ve been the victim of a computer virus and have lost precious documents, we also offer a complete data recovery service to help you restore lost files.   For more information or to talk to one of our trained experts, call us on 0404 293 251 or visit our website