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Why You Might Need a Custom Computer

May 26, 2017

At IT Custom Solutions, we don’t just install hardware, remove viruses and assist our customers with data recovery and backup. We’re also passionate about creating custom-built computers that are specifically designed to suit each of our clients’ individual needs. With


Michael Was, Excellent, Prompt, Great & Friendly.
- Bart
We have been using ITCS for over 3 years, They are consistent with their Integrity and their professionalism. These guys are Amazing!
- Peter Cipolla “Directuniforms.com.au”
Friendly, efficient, highly competent and professional. A Man you can trust. The gremlins in your machine will be quaking in their boots as soon as Michael walks through your door!
- Neil Hall
Thank you, Michael was great, friendly, polite and helpful  
- Deidre O’Rourke
I am one of their regular customers and they have helped me a lot with repairs and troubleshooting problems. They are very skillful and are pocket-friendly.
- Melissa Norman
I wasn’t sure of their services but when I called them for setting up my Wi-Fi device, they made a prompt appointment and within 2 hours, they completed their work. Their rates were very reasonable also!
- George Gomes
We needed an expert and I.T. Custom Solutions looked after that! The printer setup was so quick and simple that I didn’t have to worry about it. Thanks a lot!
- Amelia Dempsey
I had bought their custom computer last year and it’s working great…the latest graphics card along with the features make this custom computer an amazing device. I am quite satisfied. Patrick Wallaby
- Patrick Wallaby