Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal in Sydney by I.T Custom Solutions!


The Role of ITCS in Virus Removal

Looking to protect your digital devices? Welcome to the den of specialists in I.T. Custom Solutions, skilled in malicious programs removal. In this technological era, we use the best protection mechanism for removing Viruses! Using advanced techniques! Undergoing an absolute health check! Increasing the speed! Protecting the critical data! We believe prevention is the best cure!


Protecting Your Device in ALL Possible Ways:

Killing the malware that has the potential of spelling disaster in your PC

Removing the corrupted data from your hardware

Cleaning the motherboard from the corrupted data

Rewriting the data on the motherboard

Replacing the BIOS chips

Canceling auto shut down

Why Pick I.T Custom Solutions?

Advanced Virus Removal

Tripping switch? It’ll keep tipping if you don’t take care of it. Let’s us fix it up for you!

All Different Devices

Malware removal in the phone, laptop, PC, Mac, and iPod

Through Analysis

Complete examination to detect if malware activity is undergoing in your PC

Tech Agents

Specialized in the removal of spyware or adware

Local Assistance

All surroundings of Sydney

Tech Support

Friendly and Fast


No fix, no charge

Same Day Service

It’s true. Majority of tech repairing companies demand extra charges for offering the same day service, totally unfair, right? Don’t fret it! We don’t charge you any extra money.


Highly rated by our regular customers. Try it out yourself!

On Site

Having a tough schedule in your busy life? Will Come to You!


Genius Techs and Genuine Service

Speedy Service

No Delays.

Remote Support

All across Australia


24 hrs. 7 days a week

Advanced Computer Virus Removal in Sydney

No malicious software, no frustration! No pop-ups. No spamming. No website visit tracking. No critical data theft. No login info theft. No slow running laptop. No instability in the device. No Trojan, spyware, adware, malware, or anything else in your precious device!

Is your PC automatically multiplying the files by 50-60 times? No worries. We won’t let the malware multiply the files and put your device to its last capacity. We bring it back to life within minutes via our IT support in Sydney.


Slow PC Startup

Delayed Launching of Programs

Inflicted viral damage on the hard drive

Difficulty in installing or uninstalling the program

Getting Spam Messages

Freezing Screen

Risk of your personal security over the internet

Auto rerouting to unknown websites

Auto running of hard disk almost all the time


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